Morkie puppy looking at camera

What is a Morkie?

In this article, we’ll go over the cost of a Morkie, their appearance and personality traits, and what an ideal home for a Morkie’s longterm happiness will look like. 

A Morkie is one of the more energetic and loving small dogs around today. This dog is a mixed breed that is small, adorable, and always in need of extra love and attention.  

In this article, we’ll go over the cost of a Morkie, their appearance and personality traits, and what an ideal home for a Morkie’s longterm happiness will look like. 


The Morkie’s Parent Breeds 

The Morkie is a mix of the purebred Maltese and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. The Morkie is also known as the Maltese Yorkie Mix, or the Morkshire Terrier.  

The parent dogs for the Morkie have a lot in common in terms of size and personality. They are both famous “toy dogs” popular with people who live in cities and need dogs that will be comfortable living in an apartment home.  

The Maltese are known for being lively, active dogs. They are both playful and gentle. They are affectionate dogs sometimes known for being yappy.  

The Yorkshire Terrier is also known for being lively, active dogs as well. They are also playful, gentle, and can be known for being a little yappy. They have a shrill bark that many recognize as part of the breed, for better or worse.


What Morkies Look Like

Morkies are sometimes called “toy dogs”. They are petite dogs that are incredibly adorable and difficult to not fall in love with at first sight.  

Because these are mixed dogs, sometimes called designer dogs, their coats come in a variety of colors. They very often share the coloring of their Yorkshire Terrier parents, being black and tan in color. They can also be varying combinations of black, brown, white, and tan.   

They don’t shed much, though their hair can get pretty long. They have ears that drop down and are covered in longer fur.  

They often weigh somewhere between four and twelve pounds. There are teacup variations of Morkies being bred that will always be on the four-pound side of this scale. 

When full ground, they are six to eight inches at the shoulder. The females average on the smaller side.  


Morkie Personality Traits  

Like its parent breeds, the Morkie is a lively and energetic dog. They are clever dogs, which can show up as both suspicious and stubborn behavior.  

They can bark a fair amount, again like their parent breeds. They don’t do as well left home alone for long periods of time. They tend to grow anxious and turn into dogs that bark too much all day and can destroy furniture. To bring out their best personality traits, Morkies need a fair amount of playtime and attention.  

As playful dogs full of energy, they do get along with other dogs and children. There is a risk here in that Morkies are small and delicate, and not likely to consider the risk for themselves when they start playing with a small child or large dog. They can do well with cats, small dogs, and older children who are more mindful about the Morkie’s more delicate frame.


Who Morkies Are Good For 

Morkies are usually best in small households where they will get a lot of attention. While the Morkie doesn’t shed much, they are not actually a hypoallergenic dog, so take that into consideration as well.  

They may not do well with large dogs, since they can play too rough and get hurt. However, they can do well with cats and small dogs.  

Because they are stubborn and need so much love and attention, they would also do well with someone who will either be able to hire a trainer or has experience training dogs themselves. This will be important to keep your Morkie happy, your home free of destruction, and your neighbors from complaining about the barking.  

Socializing them and training them as early as possible is recommended to avoid the stubborn streak. This can also keep them from becoming shy. They are social and playful dogs, as long as these traits are encouraged and brought out in them. 

They are often a good fit for people who are home a lot, enjoy playing with a dog, and would appreciate a sweet lapdog to give attention to. They can be a good fit for seniors who enjoy a playful small dog. If you want a dog that will always want your love and attention, and you’re home a fair amount, a Morkie may be the right fit for you.  


How Much Morkies Cost 

Morkies are not a cheap breed. Understand that they are a relatively young breed. This means there aren’t yet as many of them around and they are still fairly in demand. Morkies have been a popular breed in the United States for around the past twenty years.  

These dogs can sometimes be found at shelters and at rescues dedicated to smaller breeds.  

The range for purchasing a Morkie is wide. As with any dog, you’ll want to do your research both on price options and on the reputability of the breeder. It is possible to find a Morkie for as low as $450, though most people will tell you the low average is at around $900. On the higher end, the range is somewhere between $2,500 and $4,000 per dog. This puts the range from $450 to $4,000, which really shows how widely different your Morkie purchasing experience can be.  

Also, keep in mind that these small dogs can have health issues like many dogs do. They thrive when fed more upscale dog kibble as well. Factor these costs in when you are considering getting a Morkie, or any dog.  



The Morkie is an adorable dog. It’s difficult to meet one or even see a photo of one online and not feel your heart melt. They need all of that love and attention, so they have no problem with this reaction at all.  

They are small dogs that can be easily injured, especially by their own lively exuberance as they curiously take on the world. Happy little lap dogs, they are easy to groom and to love. They are the best pets for people who are ready to spend a lot of time with them, caring for them and looking out for all of their needs. 

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