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The top 15 dog food brands for Morkies

Choosing the best dog food for Morkies is a daunting task. For a start, you want to make sure that you have a product that is easily available and within budget, which is also of high quality and ideal for your small pet. You need to be sure that not only will it taste good, but that it will offer as many health benefits as possible. This is true from their first puppy food right up to their meal plan as seniors.  

The problem is that with so many different brands out there, and so many claiming to tailor their food to small breeds, it can be difficult to know which to choose. It is important that you consider the following when finding the ideal Morkie dog food for your pet.  

~ Does your dog need a specialized option for their age group? 

~ Does your dog have food intolerances that could lead to allergic reactions?

~ Which source of protein does your dog prefer?  

~ Does the brand offer the right amount of protein for a Morkie diet? 

~ Do you want to go for wet or dry food? 

~ Does the formula have plenty of other vitamins, minerals, and helpful ingredients? 

~ Are there any additional health benefits in choosing the brand? 


There is added pressure to get it right with Morkies 

There is a lot to think about and you might not get it right the first time. This isn’t as big a deal when you have dog breeds that aren’t fussy eaters. They may be happy enough to try new things. Morkies, on the other hand, are a little more sensitive and do better with a consistent diet. They might not appreciate too much experimentation.

This means two things. First of all, it pays to do your research and try and find the ideal option on the first try. Secondly, if you do find something that seems to work well, stick with it for as long as is beneficial for your dog.  


Finding the best dog food brands for your Morkie

In this guide, you will find a series of brands that are on the market right now and a brief introduction to one of their best products. Each option has been chosen for its quality formula and the positive impact that it can have on your pet. Those brands are categorized into three areas. First, there are general Morkie dog food options for healthy adults. Then we have some options for either puppies or seniors that provide a different blend. Finally, we have a group of products for food intolerances or LID options.  


The best general Morkie dog food brands 

This first set of brands and products is for more general use with adult dogs. These options should be great for adult dogs with no underlying health issues that may require additional help. As you can see, there are lots of options here that all focus on the needs of small breeds. This shows great consideration for the perfect nutritional values in all these meal plans. The right portion sizes and meal plans should be just right for your little dog.  


1) Nutro – Wholesome Essentials Small Breed Adult

Let’s start with a fairly basic option. This one has a simple chicken formula, nothing fancy. This should mean that it is a good fit for most dogs without them finding some ingredient that they are picky about. There are no by-products, fillers, or artificial ingredients here either. But, there are a good amount of omega fatty acids for coat health. You should also find that the small kibble size is ideal for Morkies.

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2) Cesar – Poultry Wet Food

Cesar is one of the most accessible brands out there. You get some simple packs of wet food in different ingredients. The pack of four is a good way to see which flavors your dog likes best which can then influence your later purchases. The individual simple servings are also great for portion control so there should be no issue with weight gain. The mix is high in protein and there is a decent amount of fruit and vegetables.

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3) Purina – Pro Plan Small Breed

This is another option that is pretty straightforward for first-time Morkie owners. There is a dry kibble that is just the right size for this dog. The mixture is high in protein with a good source of chicken but also liver probiotics for improved health. It is also meant to be high in vitamin A.

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4) Rachael Ray – Nutrish Little Bites

This is where we start to find options that are a little bit different. Again, this a high-energy formula that is full of great natural, healthy ingredients. There is a good protein content with chicken fat and beet pulp. You also get small pieces of kibble, as the name suggests, and no artificial colors or preservatives. Another bonus of choosing this option is that money goes to the Racheal Ray Foundation for dogs in need.

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5) Solid Gold – Mighty Mini Recipe

This is another choice with small-sized kibble and common benefits like the omega fatty acids and a single source of meat. However, this one is also gluten-free with holistic grains and has lots of vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables. There is also the promise of 90 million living probiotics and 20 superfoods in the formula

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6) Royal Canin – Adult Small Breed

Royal Canin is another popular brand that tries to appeal to every dog owner with lots of specialist options. This is their standard version for small dogs like Morkies. There is a small dry kibble with a great taste. It is another high-energy option with just the right amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and oils. Another reason for the popularity of this brand is that it is affordable and has that helpful zipper system on the bag.

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The best Morkie dog food brands for seniors or puppies

It is important to remember that your pet will need a different diet through various stages of their life. A specialist puppy formula is essential for these little pups to get all the energy and nutrients they need as they grow. You want to be sure of giving them the best possible start in life. The same is true for their sunset years. Senior Morkie diet plans can help older dogs deal with health issues that may arise from old age. 


7) Wellness – Complete Health Natural Small Breed Puppy Food

Let’s start with one of the options for puppies. This Wellness dog food is a great source of DHA, which is essential for brain health. It uses real fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals to deliver nutrients and antioxidants. There is also 28% protein with a salmon option for dogs with poultry issues and for extra omega oils.

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8) Diamond – Naturals Puppy

This choice raises the bar a little with 32% protein. There is also no corn, wheat, or anything artificial at all. This is an affordable chicken and rice option that is also full of things like kale, pumpkin, and blueberries, as well as high levels of DHA and oils. Animal-lovers may also appreciate that the real chicken is cage-free chicken.

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 9) Eukanuba – Small Breed Senior Dry Dog Food

Moving onto the options for Senior dogs, this one from Eukanuba is ideal because of all the helpful elements. There is DHA for ongoing eye health, chondroitin sulfate, and 50% more glucosamine for joint health. You also get that small size kibble for Morkies and a formula rich in antioxidants.

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10) Blue Buffalo – Life Protection Chicken and Brown Rice

This next option is one that offers a more holistic approach to nutrition for older dogs. There is a lot going on here. Some elements are familiar at this point, such as the glucosamine for mobility, antioxidants from blueberries, oils from flaxseed, and the good source of chicken protein. But, it is also high in calcium and phosphorus and there is l-carnitine for weight management. This is a real box ticker for older dogs.

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11) Simply Nourish – Small Breed Senior

This is another crunchy kibble product with a great formula. There is plenty of chicken, sunflower oil, oatmeal, flaxseed, and superfoods like blueberries and kale. It is designed to be great for heart health, weight maintenance, and mobility. There is also nothing nasty to worry about and you can get it at a fair price too.

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The best Mokie dog food brands for limited diets or food sensitivities

Food sensitivities are a big issue with these little dogs. Not only can they end up with intolerances to regular changes in their diet, but they may also develop allergies to certain ingredients. This could be a problem with grains or other forms of carbohydrates. This is where it helps to find brands that have Grain-Free products or LID options. The other possible issue here is an intolerance to poultry or a specific form of protein. That is where it may help to switch to a fish substitute instead.


12) Natural Balance LID

Let’s start this section with one of the most popular brands right now. Lots of dog owners appreciate the clever formulas of Natural Balances. It is also said to be veterinarian recommended. The product is grain-free, uses US farm-raised chicken flax seed for coat health, and has a limited ingredient formula to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. This means no danger of anything artificial in there. There is also taurine for heart health.  

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13) CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Petite Small Breed

This is another popular choice for the quality of the kibble and ingredients. The limited ingredient list using 8 easily recognizable key ingredients is especially great for sensitive stomachs and the small kibble size is perfect for the pickiest Morkies. Grain-free, antioxidants for immune system support and probiotics for a healthy digestive system really round this choice out.

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14) Hill’s – Prescription Diet Original Skin/Food sensitivities

Prescription is the operative word here. You will need to talk to your vet about this food to see if they will recommend it to you. But, it is a great option for the right dog. The formula is perfect for sensitive stomachs as it helps with digestive issues and regularity. There aren’t that many ingredients, with one simple source of protein and one carbohydrate. source.  

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15) Solid Gold – Leaping Waters for Sensitive Stomachs

Finally, with have this grain-free, gluten-free option. This one is said to be good for digestion, and also suitable for puppies. It has lots of omega fatty acids, a quality source of salmon as an alternative to poultry, and is good for eye health. It is not too expensive either  

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Consult your vet if you have any concerns about finding the right dog food brand for your Morkie

It is OK to feel overwhelmed and uncertain when it comes to dealing with this issue of finding the best Morkie dog food brand. This is even more likely if you have tried a few options and nothing seems right. If your pet becomes ill when trying these formulas, there may be an undiagnosed intolerance or other health issues. Your vet can see what is going on there. If your pet is just fussy, they may have some recommendations or brands that they tend to prefer. Either way, there are there to help and support you.  

Take your time to find the perfect dog food brand for your Morkie

This might not be an easy choice, but it is important to take your time to look at your options and find the right fit. There is sure to be the ideal puppy, adult, and senior formula out there. Compare the ingredient lists to find something your pet will love the taste of. Make sure that it has all the right nutrients and other benefits. Don’t be afraid to go for LID or other options where appropriate.   

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