Morkie dog laying on a couch

Can Morkies be left alone?

Anyone interested in raising a Morkie puppy should know from the start that this is an affectionate companion dog. They crave company and affection and reciprocate with full hearts. But, this can have its drawbacks for dog owners that work 9-5 jobs or that live alone. How will your Morkie feel when you leave the house and they are stuck at home? 

Can Morkies Eat Fruit?

Your adorable little Morkie isn’t that much bigger than an apple. Can they eat one? Should they eat one?   To make sure that your dog is safe, happy, and healthy, let’s go over how their diet works in some detail. This way you’ll be an expert on keeping your Morkie’s health in check.  

Morkie puppy looking at camera

What is a Morkie?

In this article, we’ll go over the cost of a Morkie, their appearance and personality traits, and what an ideal home for a Morkie’s longterm happiness will look like.