How To Clean And Prevent Morkie Tear Stains

One thing that all Morkie owners can agree on is that these pups have the sweetest faces. There is something special about compact features and big brown eyes that give them a teddy-bear look. But, there is an issue that we also have to deal with to keep these pets looking at their best – tear stains.   

The production of a few tears here and there is healthy. It means that our dogs can remove any irritants or foreign objects from their eyes. But, these salty tears can lead to staining in the fur around the eyes. This is typically a sort of brown shading and this is quite prominent on lighter coats. The Maltese, one of the Morkie’s parents, can have noticeable tear stains on their white hair. So, what can owners do to make the situation better?  


How to clean and prevent Morkie tear stains.   

There are two sides to this issue. The first is cleaning Morkie tear stains. It is important to know how to clean your dog’s eyes and what to use to minimize the look of those brown stains. The second is preventing Morkie tear stains. After all, if you can minimize the risk of excess tear production, you can then reduce the impact of those tears on your dog’s coat.  


Clean around your dog’s eyes each day with a gentle solution.   

The first consideration for cleaning tear stains on Morkies is to wipe their eyes regularly. Try and do this every day. Regular wipes help to remove any dirt, bacteria, or discharge from the eye, leaving the eye area fresher and healthier.

Make sure to get a wipe that is dog-friendly so that you aren’t introducing any dangerous chemicals or other agents onto your dog’s hair or close to their eyes and airways. 

You will find guides on Morkie tear stains that suggest using a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide to swab the stains and lighten the fur. This could be effective, but do you really want to use such a strong chemical agent near your dog’s eyes? A damp washcloth should be more than enough, instead of having to pay out for any specialist products.  


Watch out for companies that sell lots of products for tear stain prevention and removal.  

There are companies out there that provide products specifically for the reduction of tear stains. This could be a wipe, a powder to add to the stained area, a chew, or perhaps all of the above. Some dog owners prefer this approach because they feel that it is a more consistent or reliable approach.

They like the idea of using something tailor-made for this purpose. However, there is no guarantee that these specialist solutions will result in perfectly bright fur and fewer tears.  


Consider the fact that allergens may cause excessive tear production.   

When it comes to preventing tear stains on Morkies, you need to consider the possible causes of excessive tear production. A common issue here is an allergic reaction to allergens in the environment.

Tears may be an attempt to flush out dust, pollen, or other irritants. Allergy medication or an attempt to reduce exposure to the cause could help.  


Or, you might find that the irritant is their own hair.  

Perhaps the hair around their eyes is a bit too long and pokes them in the eye too much. This is sure to make their eyes water. Make sure to clip the hair here regularly to avoid this issue.  


There are also potential risks in the food and water Morkies consume.   

There are also suggestions that the mineral content in the water that dogs drink can have an impact on the pH levels of their tears. In turn, this can lead to either an increase in damage and staining on the hair or a reduction. So, it might help to switch the tap water in their bowl for filtered water.   

Also, try using a metal or ceramic bowl for their water instead of plastic. Plastic bowls can leach toxins and harbor bacteria, which will only worsen the quality of the water. There is the risk that this could then lead to darker tear stains. Other owners said that altering the pH of the water through vinegar or coconut oil helps too.  

On that note, it may also be worthwhile looking at your dog’s diet. There are some Morkie owners that say that tear stains improved when they put their pet on a grain-free diet.

Others advocate a raw meat diet instead. Just be aware that Morkies can be quite sensitive when it comes to changes in their diet and you don’t want to reduce tears only to end up with upset stomachs or other allergic reactions.  

It is important to remember here that there isn’t one single perfect solution.  

For every Morkie owner that swears by a remedy, there is another that says that it doesn’t work. This means that you might end up with a process of trial and error to find the right approach. If the first option preventative solution doesn’t seem to make a difference, consider a different cause and appropriate action. If one cleaning solution isn’t effective enough, try another.  

If you are unsure of the best approach for your Morkie, or fear that there may be other causes of excessive tear production, you can always talk to your vet about the issue. They can give your Morkie an eye exam – something they should do regularly anyway.

They can also take a look at the staining and make any suitable recommendations about dietary choices, additives for their water bowl, cleaning products, or allergen control.  

Of course, the impact of these treatments also depends on your perception of these tear stains. 

Do you want to remove tear stains completely or just improve their appearance? Whatever your choices and results, don’t stress out about it too much. The most important thing here is that your dog’s eyes are healthy, their vision isn’t obstruction, and they aren’t in any discomfort. As long as you can provide that, a little bit of brown staining isn’t the end of the world.  

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