Can Morkies Eat Fruit?

Your adorable little Morkie isn’t that much bigger than an apple. Can they eat one? Should they eat one?  

To make sure that your dog is safe, happy, and healthy, let’s go over how their diet works in some detail. This way you’ll be an expert on keeping your Morkie’s health in check.  


Your adorable little Morkie isn’t that much bigger than an apple. Can they eat one? Should they eat one?  

If you’ve had your Morkie for a while, you’ve probably noticed how hungry these little dogs can get. They eat a lot more than their small frames would suggest they could be capable of. This is another endearing quality to these small dogs full of big energy. If they’re going to jump around and play with us all day, they need a lot of energy to do that, right?  

If you’re looking for a fun treat to feed your best friend, you may have considered giving them a piece of your own snack. So, you’ve wondered, can Morkies eat fruit? The details to this answer are very important! Because, while yes, your Morkie can eat some fruit, there are other fruits your Morkie absolutely should not eat.  

To make sure that your dog is safe, happy, and healthy, let’s go over how their diet works in some detail. This way you’ll be an expert on keeping your Morkie’s health in check.  


How And Why To Feed Your Morkie Fruit

Some Morkie owners prefer to feed their dogs premium kibble while others go for a diet focused on meats. If you’re feeding your dog a high quality kibble, their dietary requirements are already taken care of. If you’re feeding them mostly meat, adding in a little bit of fruit can help add a wider variety of nutrients to their diet. That said, dogs don’t necessarily ever need to eat fruit. It’s mostly a fun treat for them.  

Noting that fruit should be a treat is an important thing to understand when considering feeding your Morkie fruit. Why? Because you eat treats in moderation.  

Fruits tend to have a lot of fiber and sugar. While this may help your dog have bowel movements, that also means it can give them diarrhea or an upset stomach.  

When we eat fruit, we know about how much we can handle. If we were to eat three bowls or fruit at breakfast, we might have an upset stomach later. We know this instinctively as we get older without really thinking about it. How much fruit one person can eat is different than someone else. On top of this, each person reacts differently to different kinds of fruits. Some of us are allergic to certain fruits and some of us just can’t handle eating more than a few bites of pineapple.  

You should think about your Morkie the same way. There are safe fruits your Morkie can eat, but you should always feed them in moderation and monitor afterward to see how they do. If your Morkie had a bite of apple and seemed unwell in the following hours, then your Morkie shouldn’t eat apple, even though apples are generally considered safe treats for most Morkies.  

For this reason, I suggest feeding your Morkie a single bite of one of the safe fruits. Did they like the apple? How did they do in the following hours? Next time, you can offer two bites if that seems reasonable to you, but always stay within a safe moderation with any fruit you feed your dogs. 

Give your dog a day or two before trying a new type of fruit. This way if they do get an upset stomach, you’ll know which new fruit it was that your dog doesn’t do well with.  

Learn what your Morkie likes and handles well and move forward from there.  


Safe Fruits For Your Morkie To Enjoy

While looking over this list, always remember two rules. The first is moderation and carefully watching them after, as mentioned above. The second rule is to not let your dog eat seeds or pits. Seeds can sometimes be toxic to dogs. They often contain cyanide. While your dog may eat a seed or two and be fine, it’s best to avoid them whenever possible.  

Cut off a piece of these safe fruits for treats and let them enjoy in moderation. 

  • Apples – These are a big favorite! (My Morkie loves them) Remember to not feed them the seeds or the core.  
  • Apricots – Remember to cut around the stone and keep the pit safely away from your Morkie. 
  • Bananas – Always enjoy this one sparingly! Bananas are full of sugar. 
  • Blueberries
  • Cantaloupe – This is another one you should always give them very little of. It is full of sugar. 
  • Cranberries
  • Grapefruits 
  • Mango
  • Oranges – You may not think of the seeds in an orange, but they are there! Always make sure to peel the orange and check for seeds before offering them a bite. 
  • Papayas – Again, watch for seeds here. 
  • Pineapple – Be careful not to feed them the tough part of the rind. Just the soft and yummy part of the fruit. Pineapples are also pretty high in sugar, so feed this fairly sparingly as a special treat. 
  • Pears
  • Raspberries 
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon – Watch for the seeds! Again, feed this one sparingly. 

So just like humans, the fresh version of the food is gonna be a safe bet but we have found some treats that Bella absolutely loves. These are great in a pinch if you want to give your Morkie a healthy treat.


Fruits Your Morkie Should NEVER Eat

There is a small list of fruits your Morkie should never ever try at all. Be careful when you’re in the kitchen eating these. If your Morkie has gotten used to you feeding them bits of your food in the kitchen, they could get in the habit of snatching things away.  

You never want to let your Morkie have any:

  • Avocados 
  • Cherries 
  • Grapes 
  • Onions 
  • Raisins 
  • Tomatoes 

This is not a complete list and you should always check with a veterinarian first if you are not sure.

And remember, always avoid letting them have any seeds or pits from the safe fruit list! 


Keeping Your Morkie Safe and Healthy

This is a list of important information, but hopefully, the takeaways are pretty clear. If you want to start testing new fruits for your Morkie, it may be a good idea to either print the safe fruit list or write it down. You can post this on your fridge, and then mark off each new fruit as you try them. Did your Morkie enjoy apples? Make a note of it! Did they have an upset tummy after you gave them a bite of a mango? Cross that one off your list! It is not for your Morkie then! And remember to get a vet’s advice if you really want to be safe.

As you and your dog get to know each other better, you’ll be better equipped to make sure they stay happy and healthy, with a varied diet full of fun little treats you can share together. 

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