Can Yorkies Swim?

Yes, Yorkshire Terriers can swim. Just like most other dogs, the Yorkshire will do the doggie paddle when introduced to a body of water. Yorkies are not naturally buoyant like some other breeds. This means that they will sink when in water that is deep enough for them to completely submerge their heads, which can …

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Morkie at the park

How fast can Morkies run? 

How fast can Morkies run?  Morkies can run at a top speed of 20mph. This speed comes from their Yorkshire terrier heritage. Yorkshires were working dogs before they became companion dogs. They were brilliant ratters, seeking out vermin and chasing it down. Morkie’s are very alert, energetic, and active because of these parental genetics.

Pointing finger at a Morkie

Are Morkies easy to train?

One of the many reasons that Morkies are so popular is that you have a loveable companion lap dog crossed with another loveable companion lap dog. The assumption is that you are bound to get an obedient little dog that just wants to please you. But is this the case? Are Morkies highly trainable or are there problems to watch …

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Common Morkie health problems

The small size of a Morkie means that it is understandable for owners to become concerned about their health and welfare. Toy breeds are often prone to poor temperature regulation and injury through rough treatments. But, what about the other Morkie health issues that we need to consider?